Felicia Pearson Originally found this article on the Independent but it got pulled with no explanation.  Managed to find a copy here, and its a mighty interesting read, especially if your a fan of 'The Wire'.

Web Compliance Version 9 :D

Posted on facebook, by my nephew, made me chuckle. :)

Bots taking over the world…

It might happen sooner than you think. Certainly is a story that gets you thinking! Bots control the prices

jQuery UI Datepicker Localisation

A question I quite often see, related to localisation of dates for the datepicker widget for jQuery UI.  Referring to the documentation, there are localisation files related to all date formats for each country located on the jQuery SVN. Including the relevant country file after the the jQuery UI library should format the date of the datepicker the correct way…

Fascinating Insight into Apple’s early days

Folklore Really interesting and sometimes humorous (see reality distortion field) look at Apple's early days :)

jQueryUI Datepicker ‘changeYear’ setting

A not very well known setting for the datepicker widget for jQueryUI: $( "#datepicker" ).datepicker({ changeMonth: true, changeYear: true }); Includes the functionality to change the year on the datepicker itself, pretty handy!

Kendo UI

Something I stumbled across recently, Kendo UI! Has a very feature rich set of widgets, and seems quite complete compared to jQuery UI, as it includes some more complete items (Datasource, Templates, Validation to name a few) that you would otherwise have to bolt on as plugins using jQueryUI. Don't get me wrong, I'm not bashing jQuery UI, far from…

IE7 and float:left; float:right

Something new I learnt about IE7; Always float:right before you float:left.  As usual, completely counter-intuitive!  

Firefox Colour Palette Wierdness

If Firefox ever decides to show an image slightly differently to your css, use the fix outlined here to fix it. tldr; It basically involves stripping all the colour profile information from the image.  As this has only started occuring to me with Windows 7 I can only assume its a W7 related issue.

Facebook Server Farms

Interesting photo article on Some serious hardware on show. Apparently they will be building a new farm near the arctic circle.